10 Simple WD-40 Life Hacks

WD-40 life hacks

10 Simple WD-40 Life Hacks

Today we are going to show you 10 simple WD-40 hacks. The first one is not related to cars, but to shoe marks. The guy from the video is going to show us how to remove show marks in under 10 seconds. Just spray on the marks with WD-40 and wipe them off. Easy. The next hack is related to cleaning a white board. Imagine somebody wrote some stuff on it with a permanent marker. This is something terrible. If you try to wipe if off the regular way you will end up doing nothing. The magic is to put some WD-40 on it and then use a paper towel to remove everything.

Real nice and quick. The next hack that this guy is going to show us is how to make your bathroom mirror perfect. You will see how you could make look better when applying hot water next to it. We all know that when taking a hot shower makes the mirror become foggy. With this hack you will never see your mirror foggy. The guy applies WD-40 on half of the mirror and brakes the illusion that this helps. He takes the test and found out that WD-40 doesn’t help in such situation.

WD-40 burns so well even applied in water. You could use it as a fire starter.

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You could use this spray to clean stainless steel in the quickest and best way. No fingerprints and marks are left after applying the spray on it.

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