10 Tricks That Will Help You Achieve The Secret Power Every Engine Has

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10 Tricks That Will Help You Achieve The Secret Power Every Engine Has

Have you ever wondered what you have to do to increase and extend the life of your engine? And on the top of that to make it more powerful. Here we are going to show you how to make it look as brand new. We have provided some little tricks that will help you achieving a hidden power that your vehicle got!

1. You can improve your stroker crankshaft capacity! If you increase it you will achieve bigger cubic inch capacity. The only additional work here is to do some adjustments on the block’s crankcase.

2. Winding Down Windage – we all know the resistance of air, but what about the resistance of oil in the crankcase. You should do a winding down windage. By doing that, you will achieve a greater power (10 – 15 horsepower) at higher RPM!

3. We sometimes forget that technology is improving every single day. The way to improve something could be found on the Internet. Especially when it comes to ring configuration, the market is full of high-performance rings made of ductile iron. Those are pretty much durable than the old ones you have and are full of strength. Our advice is that every car should have those installed.

4. The DYNO is something that you might use to optimize your engine. You will unleash all the power that was hold and get the best of your engine. The only thing that you need to choose wisely is the right car shop. Don’t save your money when it comes to set-up your vehicle’s engine. You should pick up a well equipped car shop with the appropriate systems that will fit your car.

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5. Camshaft is something that determines the engine character the best. A lot of camshafts that we have today offer much more than those in the past when it comes to velocity and acceleration!

6. Most of us faced a problem trying to get a real boost. But don’t worry we have a solution for you. Porting is what you need here to increase the power. Porting depends on the metal and the most skillful could provoke airflow gains of 25 – 30%!

7. A trick that marked a fast progress is the performance engine coatings. And that’s really good as it gives you an increase in output plus durability without the need of an external details added to the stock-appearing engine. You could choose form 3 categories: thermal, friction and oil shedding.

8. Have you ever heard of The Squeeze? There is a term known as detonation limit. And it all depends on the upper limit that restricts the amount of compression that needs to be exploited. However, the upper said coatings could deliver more compression to the engine.

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9. You need to keep an eye on the consumables. When it comes to engine power there is something more than car parts! Engine oil, air filters or spark plugs could make a real big difference in the way your engine works.

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