12-Rotor Wankel Engine Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

12-rotor wankel engine

12-Rotor Wankel Engine Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

I believe that there is hardly anybody that has not heard about Tyson Garvin by now. The most famous powerboat racer that has succeeded to set the record for the run starting from New York City and finishing to Bermuda twice. And this is not all he is the one that has built and incredible engine, something never done before. We are talking about 12–rotor Wankel engine also known as the Garvin’s R12 rotary engine. This engine plays funny games with the concept of rational things.

Let’s simplify this statement, imagine how many rotors are found in Mazda’s Le Mans-winning 787B now multiply that number with 3 the result is a 12 rotor Wankel engine.It is totally elegant, weighs 830 pounds and is adapted in the space of a big-block Chevrolet V8. Displacement is 960 cubic inches. Its 12 rotors are placed with three banks in a Y configuration: two banks are placed on top, and one is put on the bottom. The bottom bank has the output shaft; the two top banks help drive the bottom. All three banks are linked by mechanism.

One bank counter-rotates against the bottom in order to match the exhaust side; the other rotates in the same direction as the output shaft. There are just 19 moving parts.

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If you are interested in the power of this thing let me put it this way for 400 maintenance-free hours worth of pleasure boating, with 1,400 hp.

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