1600HP Dodge Challenger Picture And Sound To Be Remembered!

1600hp Dodge Challenger dyno

1600HP Dodge Challenger Picture And Sound To Be Remembered!

What Australians and Americans have in common is the spirit for the true American muscle. The other thing is to create so powerful engines that are literally capable to blow away the dyno when running on it. Today you could get the idea about how a Mopar engine looks and sounds like. We present you one insane Dodge Challenger that hit 1,600 horsepower at the dyno. The test was held far away in Australia! But that’s not the point. The real question is – have you ever wondered how a 1600-horsepower engine sounds? If you have, you could skip watching the video. Otherwise prepare to hear even the last horse under the hood of this unreal Dodge.

This black beast equipped with an engine that outputs the extraordinary 1,600 horsepower, seems like it is ready to blow away the road when the peak power is reached. From the very beginning of the video you could hear the roar even at idle. Then the guys hooked the Charger to the dyno, the things got nasty. Right after that when the test began, the real performance numbers came up showing that we have a speed demon here.

Everything went smooth as there were flames coming out from the exhaust pipes and some of the guys were a little worried about that.

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The speed demon seems like it is ready to rocket itself of the dyno! We suggest you to add this ride to your list with cars you need to witness.

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