(18+) Seat Belts Save Lives – People Please Buckle Up!

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(18+) Seat Belts Save Lives – People Please Buckle Up!

You should watch this video very carefully. Think about it next time when you get in the car. Are you going to put your seat belt? Seat belts save people lives and this video is a pure proof. The video here was filmed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in a hot Friday noon. If you are a sensitive guy, then you better stop here and close your browser window. The video that you are about to watch reveals a tragic accident. One stupid maneuver of the driver cost five people lives.

We ask you – who is responsible for all those five death guys? Find the answer while reading. It’s a horrible tragedy caused by a drifting guy on the public road between the cars. There are a lot of people who feel pride to call themselves ‘drifters’. There is always a small chance to loose the control over the car and then these drifters are just waiting for the crash. They don’t think at the moment and they don’t know when this drifting ends.

It’s not just the end like a small crash but it’s the end of their lives. In the end they have left their parents and friends crying. I have a request to all of view readers – please stop drifting on the public roads and on the highways. There are tracks created for this type of racing. Otherwise it’s considered to be a type of suicide. You should watch the video carefully to see a simple way to death.

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If you feel that you could help somehow please share the video as much as possible. That’s the only way to make people think. Everyone think that the main problems in the world are related to discrimination and racism. That’s not the case – our biggest problem is the war on the roads. People die every day in car accidents. Most of these accidents are caused by reckless driving. We blame all those five people who are death now for the tragedy – that was their choice.

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