1936 Fairbanks Morse Model 32D Stationary Engine Shook The Ground Once Again After A Couple Of Decades

1936 Fairbanks Morse Model 32D Stationary Engine

1936 Fairbanks Morse Model 32D Stationary Engine Shook The Ground Once Again After A Couple Of Decades

Fairbanks Morse Engine still exists today as a company. Back in the days it was known as ‘Fairbanks Morse and Company’. This American manufacturing company was born in the late 19th century as a weighing scale manufacturer. In the early 20th century the guys working for it were dealing with engines, pumps, farm tractors, locomotives and many many more. In 1958 the company was merged and accuired the trade name ‘Fairbanks-Morse’. There are three companies nowadays that claim to be the real successor of ‘Fairbanks-Morse’.

The first one is Fairbanks Morse Engine (FME) that is part of a larger company EnPro Industries with its headquarters in Beloit, Wisconsin. It deals with building and maintaining all kind of industrial engines. The second one is ‘Fairbanks Scales’ that is a privately owned company dealing with producing scales. This company sits in Kansas City, Missouri. The last comapny that claims to be the successor of ‘Fairbanks-Morse’ is named ‘Fairbanks Morse Pumps’. This one is a subsidiary of Pentair Water in Kansas City, Kansas.

Fairbanks Morse Pumps as its name states manufactures pumps. We are going to have a look at their engine manufacturing history. In 1890 the company started producing oil and naptha engines. That marked the beginning of the upcoming 800-pages catalogue. Their first gas engine was a total hit among the farmers. Those engines were used also for electricity generation, oilfield purposes. When using together in a group, you could easily get a small lighting plants.

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Later in their history Fairbanks Morse started to use kerosene, coal gas and in 1913 they built the first semi-diesel engine. The first fully functional diesel engine came out in 1924. This was the Y-VA diesel engine featuring high compression and cold start. Its successor is the engine from the video – Model 32. This one was available with various cylinder head designs, high-pressure injection as an option and an increased compression. Two versions were available at that time – 1,696 cu in (50 horsepower) and 2,617 cu in (75 horsepower).

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