1968 Dodge Charger With Supercharger HEMI 572 Under The Hood


Meet The Unique 1969 Dodge Charger RT With Viper V10 Engine

Most of you believe that Japanese are only IN for Nissan’s GTRs and Honda Civics. But believe it or not you are completely wrong about that. The Mopar muscle beasts are widely desired by Japanese car enthusiasts, so pretty always you will find some Charger, Barracuda or Challenger all over Japan. Therefore today, we have provided a video for you to see such beauty that is found in Japan.

This is a video from the “The Rockin’ Cruisin Koga Green Park” event, which celebrates American cars and their culture. And here you can see all kinds of muscle cars, Hot Rods. The main focus car and our biggest interest is the remarkable 1968 Dodge Charger R/T in satin black, with enormous 20+ rear wheels. When you first look at the car, it doesn’t leave a big impression, but the hood is popped and you see what’s under neat, you will be amazed and know that this car is made right for the track.

The back of this classic Mopar is placed so high that it can’t help but look down upon all that come before it. And regardless of the car’s evident changes, it still keeps up with its factory authentic brothers and sisters.

The guy in the video is not giving us any present information about it (just its characteristics before it was brought in Japan), but we will tell you the obvious that can be seen in the video. The car has a Supercharged Hemi 572 engine. Nevertheless, we can all agree that is one awesome 1968 Dodge Charger R/T that is worth the attention.

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