1968 Dodge Charger’s First Drive After Spending 25 Years Gathering Dust

1968 Dodge Charger

1968 Dodge Charger’s First Drive After Spending 25 Years Gathering Dust

We believe that anyone that will watch this kind of video, like the one we have prepared for you today, will cheer up his soul and fill his heart with warmth. This happens every time when an awesome vintage Detroit muscle full with dust, is pull out from garages, farms ,barns and all kinds of other long not open places.

Therefore every time we came across of such a video, immediately we are sharing it with all of you! There is not a thing that is more enjoyable, than exposing a true American classic out on the sun again after many years hidden in the shadow, and letting it stretch its “legs” after all that time.

In the video below we have exactly such a moment. This lucky guy is taking his first moments and starting his vintage 1968 Dodge Charger. The car was simply lying somewhere in the dark, left to rot for 25 years. And there in front of you are its saviors. As this man son is saying, they only did some repairs to the steering wheel and the breaks and the car is ready to roar again on the road. The next thing they are going to do is go to the gas station to fill it with fuel, and have their time of their life, we suppose!

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We hope till now, that this man and his son have restored and transformed this beautiful Mopar muscle in to a real jaw-dropper, as this video is more than three years old. If not it’s just sad to watch this awesome ride in such condition. The last 2 years this guy and his dad had spent on restoring the braking system. We hope that they will continue restoring the vehicle until its fully done. In the end the guy who filmed this stopped the camera as he had to help his dad with the steering.

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