1974 Pantera De Tomaso Raised From The Dead After Nearly Three Decades

1974 Pantera De Tomaso barn

1974 Pantera De Tomaso Raised From The Dead After Nearly Three Decades

This time you are going to see an amazing video about an amazing car. In this video we join a man as he discovers a deserted trailer and what he finds inside is a definite treasure. Inside there is a car and not any car we are talking about 1974 Pantera De Tomaso not touched for decades. This is a truly one exceptional car and appears to be sitting there for quite some time. I am kind of wondering how such situations come to be. Are people really that negligent that they completely forget that they left their exotic car just laying around out of sight and out of mind for all of these years?

As the story continues we discover that it’s been in this container for over 20+ years. In the video you are going to see that the car seems completely maintained foreign being unearthed from what in other case could have been a grave for the car in all probability. What used to be the once-affordable alternate to the Ferraris and Lamborghinis was left intact for an extended period.

Built in a Italian style and a Ford 351 V-8 engine good for roughly 330 hp, and sold at Lincoln-Mercury dealers, the Pantera was just exotic enough to attract attention without the overhead mechanical costs of its rivals.

abandoned Chevrolet dealership

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From then on the Pantera was given an examination and was brought back nearly to its running condition but not yet prepared for the road. This is the case with all the cars that didn’t work for a long time. If the engine works that doesn’t mean that everything else works as well too.

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