1982 Hurst Edition Oldsmobile Cutlass Tuned By Mike Murillo

Oldsmobile Cutlass Tuned By Mike Murillo

1982 Hurst Edition Oldsmobile Cutlass Tuned By Mike Murillo

The guys from the most interesting drag race TV show, Discovery Channel`s Street Outlaws, can’t stop to impress us. They always make a video of something that will take our adrenaline rush to a higher level, with some awesome and extreme-powerful muscle cars. Therefore every time we find a new video clip some well-known, or new, incredibly powerful monster, we feel obliged to share it with you right away!

That is precisely what we have for you today. A video with the first dyno test of the Mike Murillo`s tuning project, well known to most of you, named “the Cutty”. For you who don’t know, we are talking about a 1982 Hurst Edition Oldsmobile, owned by John Andrade Jr. that looks really terrifying! They are doing a new tuning session for the new season of the Street Outlaws, and we are certain that all of you, who are following the show, know that this car will have an enormous horse and torque power.

John has decided to leave aside the old 406ci nitrous mill and equip his ride with the new Texas Speed built 408ci LS bullet and make some other changes as well. Watching it roaring on the dyno, “the Cutty” looks and sounds like a true beast. We will stop with the unnecessary talk about it and will leave you to enjoy by yourself.

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Have you ever seen a rocket on wheels with a LS engine under the hood. Take a look at the following video, how does the engine looks like when tested on the dyno.

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