2011 Duramax LML Is Drag Racing With A Heavy Load! Amazing!

duramax heavy load

2011 Duramax LML Is Drag Racing With A Heavy Load! Amazing!

Everyone needs to be proud of his ride, especially when he spent a lot of time and work in the creation of something that will bear the signature of the owner, and will make it so different from the others. So, when it comes to trucks, we don’t have to appoint you the fact that the owners are very proud of their creation, especially when they desire to show off their ride in a comparison with many others.

Today we will show you one video where we can see one great example of 2011 LML Duramax that is tuned by the H&S, and equipped with a custom exhaust, a lift pump, intake, and a few other modifications. Duramax LML are no the best ones – we would consider buying a LBZ or LLY Duramax. As you know Duramax is basically a joint design with Isuzu, but this doesn’t mean that they are not good. Duramax diesel engines rule!

If you are a Duramax fan, you know very well that the Duramax LML first was presented in 2001, and it has some advanced and new emission equipment. One of these new equipment is the diesel exhaust fluid injection that had a big impact on the reduction of the nitrogen oxide emission. In a comparison with the LMM powered trucks, it is decreased to 63 percent.

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Check out this machine powered by a 6.6 liter Duramax LML that gives a 397 horsepower and 765 pound feet of torque. Watch the video here to see how this amazing and powerful 2011 LML Duramax handles a very heavy load and participates in a drag race. Enjoy!

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