Worlds Coolest Truck – 2014 Ford F450 Poseidon’s Wrath

2014 Ford F450 Poseidon's Wrath

Worlds Coolest Truck – 2014 Ford F450 Poseidon’s Wrath

We present you the God of pickup trucks – 2014 Ford F450 six-door. The pickup truck is nicknamed Poseidon’s Wrath. Basically this one is the extended Greek God of the desert. This project ride really stands out from the crowd and it is considered to be the most extreme lifted truck built ever by his creator – Jacob Mitchell. At the very beginning when Mitchell bought the truck, it had been wrecked and rolled over. Jacob Mitchell is known for purchasing damaged vehicles. After that he brings them back to life. This particular 2014 Ford F450 he decided to use as his personal vehicle.

Jake’s Custom Diesel is the name of his workshop. The truck featured originally a four-door cab that was transformed into a six-door cab. After the cab was built, it was necessary to extend the frame. The guys had to make it long enough to handle and support the cab. That’s pretty much all regarding the cab. In the end it was covered with a 3M Atlantis Blue. An ear-deafening sound system was installed in the truck, so a regular guy could hear the music from blocks away. The sound came from Extreme Auto Options. The interior was modified by Upholstery Unlimited out of Oklahoma City. The guys also added a more aggressive hood as well.

There are a lot of guys who had a hand in the Poseidon’s Wrath project. In the end it all worth it – now we have a truck worthy of a SEMA spot.

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The pickup truck is lifted by 14-inch 3rd Coast Suspension lift. King front steering stabilizers and Travel King 3.0 coilovers were added to keep this monster to the ground.

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