30,000 Watts Sound System Literally Disintegrates This Bag Of Chips

30,000 watts sound system

30,000 Watts Sound System Literally Disintegrates This Bag Of Chips

In this article we are going to see the other side of car tuning – car audio competitions. We don’t care about the engine and the power output here. All we need is the real and pure sound. Competitions like this are hold all around the world. In the USA there are a couple of organizations that encourage participants to show just how loud their systems can be. Actually, you cannot expect to build a sound system for a perfect mixture between sound pressure and sound quality. That’s why most of the competitions are broken down into at these two categories: sound pressure and sound quality. Are you willing to stay inside the vehicle and turn up the volume? When it comes to sound pressure the guys focus on pure, supreme volume.

On the other hand if you are willing to get the best sound quality you should focus on the accurate projection of sound waves. In the video on our next page we are going to show you a guy who prepares his ride for a car audio competition about sound pressure. You could see that the guy has a booming subwoofer, amp and high-performance speaker system setup. We could honestly say that he is definitely ready to compete in a car audio competition. This sound system is built by Steve Meade who is actually quite famous in the world of car audio. It seems that he packed a little extra punch in the trunk of this vehicle.

In order to test this sound system that was built in a professional capacity, the owner introduced a bag of chips to the ear popping bass. What could basically happen?

service appointment 1200HP twin turbo 2015 Silverado 1500

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It’s now all about the bag of chips and the 30,000 watts sound system. If you still wonder what happened here, please continue and watch the video on our second page.

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