3000hp Twin Turbo Mustang After A Rough Start Made An Awesome Comeback!

3000hp twin turbo Mustang

3000hp Twin Turbo Mustang After A Rough Start Made An Awesome Comeback!

Australians are famous for their passion of everything that makes noise. Here is one Mustang that is a perfect embodiment of what Australia could produce when it comes to super fast vehicles. Driving this demon down the strip is pure adrenaline. That’s what we call to live a dangerous life on the track. The video in this article is taken from Urban Hillbilly Action Videos. While watching it you will meet a 3000HP twin turbo Ford Mustang. A drag monster with a rough start in the race and an incredible comeback of a lifetime in the end of it. Expect the unexpected!

A common problem with the powerful cars is the traction, and at the very beginning of the race you will notice the bad launch due to the lost traction. But you have to wait for it, because when the car gets it everything changes – you are going to see a real rocket on wheels. When the car is on the ground and the boost kicks in, the insane Mustang launches down the track on only 2 rear wheels! All this could confirm that drag racing could be very dangerous.

There are a lot of accidents like this one and basically it’s not the first time we see a car gets airborn. Drag racing is all about the 10 seconds on the track – everything is possible.

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The onboard footage will make any true petrolhead go and put some pampers on from the sound of the incredible force fed big-block Ford as it thunders under the hood.

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