600 HP Volvo With $200 eBay Special Turbo Spanks Lambo, Vette and More

Volvo Spanks Lambo, Vette and More

600 HP Volvo With $200 eBay Special Turbo Spanks Lambo, Vette and More

This car looks ugly – it looks old and it looks like a brick. It’s an old Volvo coupe but under the hood there is something new added. This 600 horsepower Volvo is powered by a turbocharged LSX. The funny thing here is the fact that the turbo is ‘special’ – $200 shipped. Yeah, the turbo charger is bought from eBay and that’s the only special thing about it. A 600 horsepower Volvo with eBay special turbo charger installed under the hood – is that for real ?!? On the top of that this car was on the strip at the Pikes Peak Airstrip attack.

The guy who was driving this Volvo at the event was having a total blast. That’s one unique Volvo that managed to entertain a lot of people at the event. The driver named it ‘MF Jones”. If you look closer it’s all fake – you cannot just order a $200 turbo kit from eBay, install it on a Volvo and go race with it. The car was racing cars like 900 HP Corvette C7Z, Lamborghini Huracan, 725 horsepower Mirage and more. We don’t have information about the weight of that Volvo, but it really looks unreal to beat supercars like Lamborghini or C7Z.

It really looks funny driving an old car looking like your grandfather’s car and beat everyone on the race track. You line at the drag strip with this crappy ride and next to you line a super sports car that everyone expects to win. In the end the smile is on your face and the other guy is still trying to figure out what just happened.

In the below video you will see when racing against the Corvette C7Z the Volvo clocked 10.6 seconds running the quarter mile. You cannot say that all these numbers are due to a $200 turbo kit from eBay. That’s what we call LS power and exactly why the LS swapps are so famous.

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