64:1 Scale Dodge Power Wagon That Is Actually A Full-Blown House Powered By An Engine

64:1 Scale Dodge Power Wagon truck

64:1 Scale Dodge Power Wagon That Is Actually A Full-Blown House Powered By An Engine

This thing is really huge. I mean really really huge. It’s around 17 ft high and 26 ft wide. This one is actually a replica of a 1949 Dodge Power Wagon. The truck is custom built in Abu Dhabi, OAE and the scale is apparently 64:1. The vehicle is fully functional and is located in the “Rainbow Sheikh’s” car museum outside the town.

All parts in this vehicle are ordered and designed by a lot of companies around the world. The wheels, for example, are taken from oil rig transporter and windshield wipers came from an ocean liner. The headlights cost $1,500 each. Every detail is exactly 64 times bigger than the American original. The truck holds the title for the world’s largest car which means that it can actually be driven. Let’s take a look inside this massive Dodge Power Wagon.

It is designed as a house and then there was someone who decided to put an engine and wheels on it. When we said it’s like a house on the back part, we really meant that. There are a couple of bedrooms, a kitchen, a meeting room, several bathrooms and many more. As a pick up truck this one also got a fully operational tail gate that could be opened. This way you could get the best view you have ever had from the back of a pick up truck in the middle of the dessert.

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There are so many questions like how and why the guy built that. The truck was assembled in the dessert, as it is too big to be assembled and driven in the city. The engine is not so massive, they put a Detroit Diesel Engine under the hood. It’s around 300 horsepower but the weight is 50 tons which means not to expect high speeds here.

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