A Real Speed Demon – This 800 HP Ford GT Built By Gas Monkey Garage Is Ready To Hit The Tracks

Ford GT Gas Monkey Garage

A Real Speed Demon – This 800 HP Ford GT Built By Gas Monkey Garage Is Ready To Hit The Tracks

Before we proceed with the real car, let’s say a few words about the original Ford GT40. It’s an icon that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans four consecutive times. This high performance racing car is powered by a series of American-built engines. The “40” in the model name of the car refers to its overall height of 40 inches. There are a total of three different engines that you could find under the hood – 4.2-litre, 4.7-litre and 7-litre petrol engines.

This car was an engineering miracle for its time. Now, 51 years later we got its successor – the Ford GT. The guys at Gas Monkey Garage created a lower version with the help of AccuAir. Richard and Aaron bought a $140K worth wrecked 2005 Ford GT. These guys bought the car with the intention to repair and heavy modified it. The final target is taking the car to auction and sell it for at least $500k.

What do you guys think? As we know that guys at such auctions are not ready to pay a full price for something, even if it is a 800-horsepower 2005 Ford GT with an air suspension. The price of $500k seems a little more, so we think that this car is going to stay at their garage for a long time. The other problem is that this car was seriously damaged – we talk about a serious frame damage. If this car was registered in another state, it would end up with a salvage title.

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With the additionally installed air suspension from AccuAir, the roof of the car is not exactly 38 inches from the ground. This 800-horsepower speed monster is now ready to hit the streets. The vehicle is full of precision engineering and advanced technology. Now the car is nicknamed Ford GMGT. Is Richard going to find someone ready to pay $500k for this air ride? Good luck.

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