A Truck Fan Completes His Super-Sized Peterbilt 359 RC Truck (VIDEO)

Peterbilt 359 RC truck

A Truck Fan Completes His Super-Sized Peterbilt 359 RC Truck (VIDEO)

It all started when the owner of this Peterbilt 359 RC truck saw a video on the Internet. In the video there was a Netherlander who was driving a model truck in a park. And then the owner of this little piece of the RC world decided that he is going to be next one who will drive a model truck in a park. He started searching for the perfect in order to create a smaller example. In the end he picked up the American truck for excellence that is the Peterbilt 359. He collected lots of images and drawings before the real work. He built a perfect wooden frame in scale 1:4. The whole cabin took him several hours of work and the counter is all fiberglass.

The frame of this RC truck is made by two iron pipes from 60×30 mm and 1.5 mm thick. This way the construction could withstand heavy weights and twists. The engine is 750 watt 36v and is attached to the main frame via four springs and two sturdy strips of iron. A sprocket-chain drive transmits all the power to the rear twin wheels. The steering here is very close to the one used in go-karts. If you are aware you know that the inner and outer parts of the wheels have a different turning radius. This was not going to be a real Peterbilt 359 RC model truck without the right horn. For this purpose, the guy had installed a mini-compressor bi-cylinder 12v under the hood. It could deliver up to 10 bar pressure.

There are a total of two trumpets with two valves each. One of the trumpets is placed above the cabin and the other one is under the frame.

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In addition there is a smoke machine installed under the frame. It’s very close to those used in disco clubs.

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