Absolutely Terrifying To See – 1400hp Chevy Camaro WRECKS At 195 MPH (INSIDE FOOTAGE)!

195 MPH Camaro crash

Absolutely Terrifying To See – 1400hp Chevy Camaro WRECKS At 195mph (INSIDE FOOTAGE)!

This is why you should install roll bars in your ride if you drive like this. Glad everyone is OK in this accident. In the end it’s about the roll bar that saved both their assessment. If you have a closer look at the cage you will find that the cage here was designed in a wrong way. If this was a real race car and organizations like FIA would never approve a roll cage like that. In this case it really saved their lives – that’s the most important. You can’t rely just on this cage – you have to be very experienced for such tests.

This is due to the fact that everyone in USA is building racing cars and all these guys say they are professionals. In the end the difference between building a a professional ride and an amateur tuner car is huge and here are the results. There is no doubt that it’s absolutely terrifying to witness an accident like this one. The video that these guys uploaded on YouTube is called ‘The Nacho & Louie Somersault Experiment’. These two guys were doing a little bit over 195 MPH when things went wrong.

Their Twin Turbo LSx powered Camaro hit a hump just a few feet off the runway.

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Right after that their ride was flying in the air and rolling over.

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