Achievement Unlocked – Old 900 HP BMW E34 M5 Beats The Mighty Bugatti Veyron In Epic Drag Race

Veyron Vs M5 drag race

Achievement Unlocked – Old 900 HP BMW E34 M5 Beats The Mighty Bugatti Veyron In Epic Drag Race

You won’t believe us if we tell you that an old Beemer could beat the speed monster Bugatti Veyron. That’s why we prepared carefully this material for you. It’s basically a drag race between BMW E34 M5 and a Bugatti Veyron. The guys in the super sports car were not prepared for such outcome and they surprised by the flames that were coming our from the BMW. Let’s see what we have here – a 1001 HP W16 Bugatti Veyron that could go from 0 to 60 MPH in 2.4 seconds. The quarter mile is clocked in 10.1 seconds.

On the other hand we have an old BMW E34 M5. The car came out from the factory with a 3.8-liter S38 straight-6 engine producing 335 horsepower. There is something added under the hood here – a huge semi truck sourced turbocharger. The list with modifications here is very long, but the most important thing is the output – 900 horsepower. If we look at the performance numbers we still can’t believe that the Bugatti is not going to win that race. Enjoy the awesome reaction of the Bugatti driver in this hell of a race.

In the end a well built car is a well built car that only real true car guys will appreciate it. Like the guys in the Veyron that were so amazed when the old BMW whooped them no matter the fact that it’s too old.

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The Bugatti is all wheel drive car while the BMW E34 M5 is a rear wheel drive vehicle. The fact that they race from 30 – 40 MPH is very important for the traction of the Beemer. Nevertheless, it got only 900 horsepower under the hood and still trying to show it’s one hell of a car. No more talking – let’s proceed to our next page and see the Beemer in action throwing flames on the track.

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