Actibump Is An Automated System That Will Try To Give You A Flat Tire When Speeding


Actibump Is An Automated System That Will Try To Give You A Flat Tire When Speeding

We present you a complex system that aims to reduce speed in certain areas. This way the system reduces the risks for other road users. It is also known as a traffic-calming installation. The actibump is connected to a radar measurement unit. The radar basically records the speed of all approaching vehicles. If the speed of the vehicle is within the limit for the area, no action is taken. Otherwise the system will be activated and part of the roadway pivots downwards. When this happens, actibump creates an edge. Most of the drivers will slow down just to keep their rides safe.

All drivers could easily recognize if they are speeding. When the camera that points to your car when approaching the actibump reads in red, you should slow down. This is how you are warned. If you don’t slow down, you will experience the ‘gentle’ physical reminder of your transgression. There is no speeding cameras in this installation. The only problem that may occur is when your wheel gets bent. This is going to be expensive to have your rim fixed. There are no fines and speeding tickets here. You can’t blame anyone, it’s just because of your fault and you driving fast.

As we said earlier all vehicles within the speed limit are unaffected.

service appointment 1200HP twin turbo 2015 Silverado 1500

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All guys riding a bike and two-wheeled vehicles could easily avoid actibump.

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