Actor Sung Kang (Fast and Furious) And Greddy Racing To Unveil Nissan 240Z Race Car At SEMA

Sung Kang and GReddy Racing Nissan 240Z

Actor Sung Kang (Fast and Furious) And Greddy Racing To Unveil Nissan 240Z Race Car At SEMA

Are you ready to see one amazing project car built by the actor Sung Kang from the Fast and Furious movie and GReddy Racing team. These guys will restore a 1973 Nissan 240Z with the intention to show the vehicle at 2015 SEMA Show. This year the show will take place November 3 – November 6, 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Actually, this car is Sung Kang’s dream ride that he will restore and film in 5 episodes under the name ‘Z Dream’. The car already got a nickname ‘FuguZ’ and it will debut at the 2015 SEMA auto show in Las Vegas.

This project ride is known as Nissan Fairlady Z in Japan and Datsun 240Z is the name it is sold in other markets. Nissan 240Z is one of the cars that benefits from the massive uptick in prices for Japanese classics. Sung Kang and GReddy Racing picked up an old stock Nissan 240Z featuring a six-cylinder engine, red line of 7000RPM and 151 horsepower. As the car is going to debut at SEMA, everything should be done with passion. The first thing is to remove the engine and put another one. The team decided to install another straight six engine – the mighty RB26.

This engine is part of the Nissan’s lineup of engines and it is a bit bigger than the stock one. The engine will be naturally aspirated one, not the twin turbo version. The performance numbers here are 217 horsepower and 181 lb. ft. of torque. The actor from Fast and Furious franchise picked up Greddy Racing to modify the ride as they know a thing or two about RB26DE engines. The company is famous among the clients in drifting and road racing all over the world.

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The stock red line limiter is set to 7000RPM, but after GReddy adds their magical touch it will be increased to 12,000 RPM. We know that this car is going to be a real super car worthy of the Sung Kang’s name and brimming with Greddy Racing talent. We will keep you updated with the latest developments. We know that there are less than two months until the SEMA show, so we expect these guys to be working quick.

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