What Is An Air Suspension And How The Air Suspension Systems Work?

air suspension system

What Is An Air Suspension And How The Air Suspension Systems Work?

In the below article we are going to watch a video where Jason from Engineering Explained is going to give us a deep and accurate explanation of air ride suspensions. The video tutorial is about some popular features on our modern cars and trucks. If you never heard of Jason from Engineering Explained you should know that you could always count on him. Air suspension systems are not used only in big rigs and lowriders. There are companies out there like Accuair that are capable of transforming the look and ride of any vehicle. Let’s move on and find out how these air suspension systems work.

The guy from the video contacted a company which is developing such systems for RAM vehicles. There is so much information about this topic, so let’s get started. Basically the air suspension systems do replace the steel springs or leaf springs. The replacement is basically an air spring. In order to get an air suspension system you will need am air reservoir, air supply unit such as compressor, four air bags (springs) and four height sensors to monitor the right height at each corner. There are two types of those springs – convoluted and rolling lobe. The first one could be found in all Ram 3500 vehicles while the second one is available in all Ram 1500 cars.

In the video on our next page you will see how both types work in order to change the vehicle height.

Nikola Motos Nikola One semi truck

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The positive thing about the rolling lobe springs is that they are more tunable.

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