Airtrax Cobra – Vehicle With A Most Revolutionary Wheel System

Airtrax Cobr

Airtrax Cobra – Vehicle With A Most Revolutionary Wheel System

This exciting looking vehicle has a creative and unique system of wheels, which gives it an ability to move in every direction, forwards, backwards and sideways. If you take a look at the video, we believe that you will also agree to the fact, that this type of vehicle can be very useful for all sorts of transport and maneuver in places, either with limited or premium approach.

These Airtax Cobra vehicles can be used in warehouses with this type of movement system installed. And we believe it will ease the job to every warehouse worker. The makers describe this groundbreaking vehicle as “Omni Directional”, which, as the name says, it can move and rotate in multiple directions.

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There is no classic steering wheel, a joystick is used for controlling this machine (those of you who work or know more about warehouses and their vehicles used there are probably familiar). And the ability to rotate full 360 degrees is remarkable.


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