An All-New Ford Bronco Is On The Way – Design, Specs and Price

2020 Ford Bronco

An All-New Ford Bronco Is On The Way – Design, Specs and Price

We are going to show you some renderings of the all-new Ford Bronco. Ford announced that the company is going to unveil to the public four new SUVs over the next four years. There are rumors going around saying that one of these four SUVs is going to be a new Bronco. A lot of fans are excited for a return of this iconic truck. The pictures that we put in this article are from The design will remain the same – two door SUV setup. There is one cool feature here – there is a factory integrated winch on the front end.

Briefly the design of the new Bronco is inspired from the current Ford F150 look and the outside US Ford Ranger. All these borrowed design elements are added to the first-generation Bronco and the 2004 Ford Bronco Concept. There are a total of five generations Ford Bronco from 1966 to 1996. This is one of the most popular SUVs in the United States and beyond. Ford stopped the production to make way for the Expedition. $700 million is the investment for the all-new model slated for 2018. There are a lot of fans out there happy to see that a company like Ford is still willing to manufacture an off road rides.

There is one thing that we hope not to happen – the all new Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler not to get into a p!ssing match.

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There are two sides of this story – all these beautiful renderings and the hope for a new Bronco and the plenty of automotive tabloids denying the future of it.

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