Are We Going To See The Parachute Deployment After This 1800HP Camaro Tires Explosion On The Dyno At 200 MPH

Camaro tires explosion on the dyno

Are We Going To See The Parachute Deployment After This 1800HP Camaro Tires Explosion On The Dyno At 200 MPH

This wasn’t gone as planned. Late Model Racecraft is the company that owns this monster. The guys built this insane twin-turbo monster putting down 1,800 horsepower to the rear wheels. Yeah, that’s right – 1800 horsepower. The car here is a fourth generation Chevrolet Camaro. The fourth-generation Camaro was unveiled to the public back in 1993 keeping the same characteristics since its introduction in 1967. The car featured an updated F-body platform with a coupe body style.

At this time the customers were able to choose between pushrod 6-cylinder and V8 engines. A 3.4-liter and a 3.8-liter V6 engines were available, as well the 350 MPFI (LT1) Small Block V8 engine was considered to be the top when it comes to performance. The model in the video is actually the SS version of the car. These models were equipped with 305 HP LT4 small block engine from the Corvette. The latest models had an upgraded aluminium block LS1 used in the Corvette C5.

1998 is an important year, as the 5.7-liter LS1 V8 engine was introduced as the first all-aluminum engine offered in a Camaro. The ride in the video is heavily modified, so it could reach the outstanding 1,800 horsepower. The guys were dyno testing the Corvette before the Texas Mile with drag radials on the rear wheels. In the end the tires couldn’t took all that power and exploded. The most interesting thing here is that both drag radials exploded.

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After the team at Late Model Racecraft had reviewed everything after the accident, they realized that the Camaro was going the equivalent of 200 MPH at the time when the drag radials exploded. And this is not the first time when the drag radials blew up. It happened again at the Mile a year ago when the insane Camaro was going close to 220MPH. Luckily, there were no guys standing behind the car as it was sending shrapnel everywhere.

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