Are You Ready To Take These Beautiful Bikini Girls For A Ride?

ATV bikini girls

Are You Ready To Take These Beautiful Bikini Girls For A Ride?

Two hot bikini girls riding ATVs in the dessert – how does it sound?!? Sounds good enough to go with them for a ride. How weather, sun is shining, two girls wearing their birthday suits, it sounds like a fairy tale. In fact, there was one lucky guy with them filming the ride. What are these two girls actually riding? All-terrain vehicle that are known also as quad bikes or just quads. In some countries these rides are known as four-wheelers or quadricycles.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) took the decision to name this mean of transport quadricycle. That’s actually a vehicle running on low-pressure tires with only one seat for the driver. As the seat is quite big, it’s possible one more person to sit behind the operator. This was designed and built with the intention to be driven in a large variety of terrains and the top of that to be street legal.

It was designed to be a street legal machine but it’s not accepted as such within most states and provinces of USA and Canada. ATVs that are used by more than one person at a time (the operator and one additional passenger) are defined as tandem ATVs by the current ANSI definition. The way that these machines are operated is very similar to riding a motorcycle. In this case we have two extra wheels that give the operator more stability at slower speeds.

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Actually, you could see ATVs with three, four and even six wheels. The last type is designed and built for specialized applications. The engine sizes vary from 3 to 61 ci according to the information from 2008 for ATV engine size for sale in USA. The risk of using those ATVs is not so big – we found information saying that the risk of death was 1.1 deaths per 10,000 ATVs in use in 2004.

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