The Ball Bearing Is The Motor Of The Future

ball bearing motor

The Ball Bearing Is The Motor Of The Future

Can you imagine an electric motor that is based neither on electrostatics nor on magnetism? The guy from the video on our next page is going to show us what he did with just a few simple things. And the setup runs on AC and DC. This ball bearing motor runs in both directions and even under water. You won’t believe this but it is at the same time a heat engine with hardend steel as working medium. Instead of a gas as in most of the heat engines this small ball bearing motor is powered by an old fashioned car battery loader.

This is definitely not a rocket science, but this guy who tinkered in his garage obviously lead to this great idea. When you have a first look at this idea, you will find a simple electric motor constructed only with the use of ball bearings. This is truly not the most efficient thing on our planet, but it could be improved in many ways and become useful. Currently, the guy could switch it on and off with a foot switch. This is the clicking sound in the video that you might hear. First of all, it’s not self starting.

You have to give it a spin and watch the magic. You could stop it and run it in the other direction as well.

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If you plan to create one like this, be careful as it is getting hot very fast.

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