‘The Beast’ Gets An Upgrade: Trump Gets Himself A Fancy New Limousine When He Takes Office

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‘The Beast’ Gets An Upgrade: Trump Gets Himself A Fancy New Limousine When He Takes Office

n this article we are going to see the new presidential limousine. GM has been working on a new State car nicknamed ‘The Beast’. We have some leaked photos from the test track and you might notice that it appears to have the same headlight and grille design as new Cadillac models. The differences are related to the body and security upgrades. As we wrote, all these pictures were taken during undergoing tests and we miss the information related to new security measures. All previous models were described as a ‘Caddy on a tank frame’. The last one was including eight inches of armor, two pints of the President’s blood and tear gas containers.

The next ‘Beast’ is going to be upgraded with the latest safety technologies. Briefly, the brand new state limousine for the President-elect Donald Trump is almost ready. The vehicle will be debuted on Inauguration Day in January 2017. Currently, we have only leaked photos revealing the upgraded, armored car. The car is currently being top secret tested at General Motors. For sure the car will feature security stuff like bulletproof glass and armor plating. All security details are going to be classified, but we hope that this time the Secret Service guys are going to give some more information about the new ride.

The outlook of the vehicle will remain the same – it will be painted in the same black and silver.

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No car maker has claimed responsibility for building ‘The Beast’.

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