Big Foot Vs. Jet Car Drag Race From Hell!

Big Foot monster truck

Big Foot Vs. Jet Car Drag Race From Hell!

It’s not every day that you see monster trucks on a drag strip, and it’s certainly not every day that you see them racing jet cars, but that’s exactly what we have here! Check it out!

Not sure which is more stunning, Bigfoot running the 1/4 mile in 8.6 or the Jet Car doing it in 3.9. This race is so cool and astounding. This is a battle between two trucks and not ordinary trucks, but monster trucks. One monster is Bigfoot and other is Jet Car and you must watch it to see who is the winner. In one area there is a Bigfoot, the most celebrated truck not only in this year but ever. On the huge slicks we have not seen before. In the other area, there is a plane controlled jet car. In one lane, Bigfoot, the most famous monster truck of all time. On the biggest racing slicks I’ve ever seen. In the other, a jet-powered dragster. Yes, it’s a ridiculous pairing. That’s what makes it fun. And with all the attendant sound and fury, it’s the perfect kickoff. What a race! So enjoy.

That is the thing that makes these events fun. With all that sound and power, you will feel like you are there in real event. So enjoy and have some fun. It looks like it is similar to any other race, but this is special one, believe us.

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After you see a Bigfoot versus jet car race, you will not be the same ever again. Feature that you are going to see are very popular and many people saw it already, so do not wait any longer.

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