The Bike Of The 21st Century – Loopwheel Will Replace the Typical Bike Wheels


The Bike Of The 21st Century – Loopwheel Will Replace the Typical Bike Wheels

This bike is going to be available for sale for $1,800. The price is really high, so let’s find out what is so special about it. This bike got special wheels – it has springs in its wheels. This technology is called Loopwheel. The buy behind this idea just reinvented the wheel itself. The concept is really really old and you could find it under the principle of sprung wheel or the triumph sprung wheel. The concept that we are going to see in the video on our next page will work very well with small wheeled bikes.

We dount the the Loopwheel will be the perfect solution for mountain bikes. With larger wheels this concept will have some weight issues. In the late 1990s there were some guys trying to make it work with no success. It used to be a great idea that we see only on magazine pages. This time it might be for real. Loopwheel will be available very soon on the market. In the very beginning you won’t be able to use it for doing tricks and for your mountain bike. It’s going to be available only for small wheeled bikes.

Loopwheel is the technology that is going to change the bikes forever.

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This highly innovative technology will say goodbye to the typical wheels.

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