A Blown Mopar Sounds Like The Devil Himself Is Clearing His Lungs

blown Mopar

A Blown Mopar Sounds Like The Devil Himself Is Clearing His Lungs

The car in the below video is Chrysler Drifter. It is not very famous in US, as it was manufactured by Chrysler Australia from 1977 to 1978. There were two versions offered – coupe utility and panel van. The automobile in the video is the coupĂ© utility body style. This Chrysler Drifter features a drifter pack – the package includes Charger grille, a sports steering wheel, custom exterior paint, special high beam headlights and the famous color-coded bumpers. Under the hood you could find the 4.3-liter HEMI 265 engine with a four-speed manual gearbox. The car was produced for only 2 years because of the low sales during the period.

However, the ride from the below video definitely got a couple of upgrades, as it sounds demolish. The car sounds like a real demon even at idle. It’s like most of the guys trying to clear their lungs the morning after they had a lot of alcohol and smoking. This blown Mopar sounds the same way. We cannot even imagine how this beast is going to sound when cruising down the highway. It’s going to attract a lot of attention when accelerating from the lights.

While watching the video you will notice that there is something wrong with the torque converter of this ride. This bad a$$ Mopar got some serious power and there is no doubt about it.

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Reading the comments under the video could possible give you some ideas about how to fix the engine in order to work smooth at idle.

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