Body Shops Are Trying To Hide This Trick From You

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Body Shops Are Trying To Hide This Trick From You

We all love things that will make our life easier. And here comes the part with life hacks. In this session we are going to stop and see how we could easily fix some scratches on our vehicles. In this article we are going to give you some useful tips and tricks that really work. The guy who filmed this is Taras Kulakov and he definitely knows a couple of things about car hacks.

Let’s find out out what we have here. If you try to search over the Internet about this guy, you better search with his nickname – Crazy Russian Hacker. He is mainly focused on ‘do it yourself’ topics. Now, he is going to show us how we could use one famous product (it is sold all over the world) in order to fix some scratches on our vehicles. The car repair and body shops don’t want us to know this little hack.

He is going to use a wd40 in some unlikely scenarios. This product was created with the only idea to prevent different kinds of corrosion to form on nuclear missiles back in 1953. It is hydrocarbon based liquid and it could be used for lots of lubricating needs. In the below video you will find around 10 differen life hacks. The most interesting part is when this guy uses wd40 to take small scratches out of his ride’s paint.


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The whole procedure takes very little time to be finished and it costs around $5 in total. We think that a lot of body shops use this life hack and make fortune off of repairing small scratches on cars. You should follow these simple steps: spray on wd40 directly to the scratched zone and then just wipe it away. Repeat the steps a couple more times until you get these small scratches away.

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