Brake Check Fail – NEVER Step On The Brake With BOTH Feet

brake check fail

Brake Check Fail – NEVER Step On The Brake With BOTH Feet

First of all, it’s not the brake check that you might be thinking of. Basically the definition is while you are driving your car, hitting the brakes really really hard. The idea is to make the person behind you slam on their brakes too. But the same person behind you must be scared as he was driving two inches from your rear bumper. There were a lot of definitions – you could do it in the same way to make the passenger in your car fly forward. Basically these are the two common scenarios – ‘I just brake checked the jerk driving behind me’ or ‘My boyfriend totally brake checked me and I hit the dashboard’.

In our case we have this stupid driver and his strange vehicle. When you are supposed to hit the brakes, you don’t do it with both feet. You should apply gentle even pressure and that’s pretty much it. We don’t talk about the moments when your life depends on this. In the video on our next page you will find this guy driving not so fast. We are not quite sure if he was trying to brake check the guy behind him, but he took it too far with stepping on the brakes. Initially we thought that his ride’s front brakes totally locked up or it happened due to his axles stopped turning.

This all happened a few weeks ago in South Korea, but you should definitely watch it.

Nikola Motos Nikola One semi truck

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After watching the video you could share your opinion, as we really think that the front wheels locked up or something.

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