Car Hacks – How To Start A Car With A Rope And A Quick Tug When You Have A Dead Battery

how to start a car with a rope

Car Hacks – How To Start A Car With A Rope And A Quick Tug When You Have A Dead Battery

First of all, you have to make sure that your ride is manual and it has an open center differential. Otherwise, this method is not going to work. Pretty simple and you could do it only with a rope. You could always bump start your ride and avoid all potential disasters. For example, the car could start and simply fail off of scissors jack. This is all because of the position of the car and its tires. It’s obvious that if it fails it could run over you. It really seems like a great idea to start your vehicle when you have a dead battery.

The only problem that we could see in this situation is that most of the drivers don’t keep a rope in their car for any reason. Anyway, the guy from the video on our next page is going to demonstrate this weird way to start your car. The idea here is that you don’t need to push it or to use jumper cables. Simple as that. If you are curious and want to try this one, you have to keep a rope in the car. Just in case. One more thing – this method works fine on petrol cars only. The guy did try this on a diesel vehicle but it didn’t start.

A few steps and you are there – first of all you have to jack up the front wheel if you are driving a FWD vehicle and then put the car in the third gear.

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