Car Speeds Out of Control at 110 MPH on Highway After Gas Pedal Stuck

Gas Pedal Stuck

Car Speeds Out of Control at 110 MPH on Highway After Gas Pedal Stuck

This is one hell of a video. It’s actually a stunning video revealing the moments of a woman zooming through a crowded interstate. This might be due to a wrong mat or too many mat in the car. We truly believe that there are lots of people out there who often put wrong mats or even couple of mats. This is just dangerous. This way the gas pedal or the accelerator itself might stuck quite easy. The woman from the video on our next page was very scared as she was cruising with her ride on the overcrowded interstate with more than 110 MPH.

She managed to call 911 and let them know about her problem. You might be thinking that this video is going to end up with something like this – “Lift your foot off the accelerator and press the brake” and the lady would reply “Oh yeah, that’s worked!”. This is not the case here ladies and gentlemen. We had a serious situation here. The guys actually advised her to go behind the accelerator and left it up. They believed her that it was stuck. This happens to Toyota cars very often. If you are not familiar with it and not too scared you could handle such situation.

You won’t believe this, but her gas pedal was stuck wide open for 45 min.

Nikola Motos Nikola One semi truck

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The police dispatcher did a great job here and saved the day!

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