Catch Me If You Can – Ever Raced A Helicopter On The Highway ?

helicopter above the highway

Catch Me If You Can – Ever Raced A Helicopter On The Highway ?

Have you ever seen a helicopter flying above the highway? Yeah! This guy definitely caught the moment. In the video that we are going to show you, you will see a helicopter driving above the highway. Its pilot follows the way as it is and the most interesting part is the one that a crazy driver is trying to race it. We are not quite sure how all this started but we know one thing for sure – the dash cam footage reveals the race between this flying helicopter and the crazy driver on the highway.

From the very beginning of the video you will notice how a military helicopter drops down to several yards above the public road. The helicopter just hovers there and follows the road. The driver of the car did not wait for a long and started to chase the helicopter. We could not say he was racing the helicopter as he was behind it all the time. The thing was that the guy had to use the free lanes to pass the other cars on the highway and try not to miss the military helicopter.

The pilot did a lot of skillfully maneuvers while flying just a couple of yards above the highway being careful not to touch the ground. We all know that the helicopter doesn’t need roads like the car with the dash cam. While trying to catch the flying machine you will notice that the driver is doing 120 – 130 MPH. Don’t try this when you have a child in your car. Leave the helicopter and think about your child and the safety.

It looks like it is being cut from a movie, but this one is for real. This particular helicopter was flying at low speed by the way. Most of the helicopters could fly a lot faster, for example – the CH-47F Chinook could reach a top speed of over 190 MPH.

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