Caught In Action – Kanye West’s Assistant Crashes His Lamborghini

Kanye West Lamborghini

Caught In Action – Kanye West’s Assistant Crashes His Lamborghini

Mr Assistant just dented a very very expensive car. He managed to crash Kanye West’s Lamborghini Aventador into the gate of his house. This first thing that comes to our minds is that Kanye is going to be pissed off. In the end he is going to ask his assistant – is the gate damaged? Before asking this very simple question, we could already imagine Kanye giving a whole hour lecture about how such a thing could happen. On the other hand – what is going to be the answer of the insurance company? Simple as that – ‘write-off’.

Mr Assistant had one job – to move Kanye’s Lamborghini Aventador. We think that he might got distracted from all the paparazzi around and he probably made the mistake of his lifetime. The car is a Lamborghini Aventador and it costs exactly $750,000. The matte black vehicle was involved in an accident at the Kanye’s girlfriend’s Los Angeles house. The trouble was caused by the driver and the electric gates of Kim Kardashian’s house.

It was crushed right after it was delivered to her house following a service on Tuesday.

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The car was about to enter the house when the gates began to close. Right after that a car repair shop sent a mechanic to check how much it would cost to fix the damage.

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