Check Out This Cutting Edge Technology Toyota’s Crawl Control System!

Toyota Tacoma crawl control

Check Out This Cutting Edge Technology Toyota’s Crawl Control System!

As drivers we are aware of the shortcomings of driving a car. Every one of us more or less have had some kind of form of irritating incident while driving. One of the most annoying experiences probably for most of us who had the opportunity to experience it, is to be stuck in the sand axle deep. But the good news is that this nightmare could be over thanks to the Toyota crawl system that can peel you right out. In today’s video you are going to see one of the best parts of the crawl control system. In fact today you will witness an experiment, a demonstration that is going to show you and prove you how the crawl control system of Toyota Tacoma 2016 really works.

The first thing that these guys are going to do is burry the truck up in loads of sand. That is going to give an opportunity to the wheels’ sensors to do their magic. In fact they are so sensitive to wheels’ slippage that they are going to pick up what the wheels are slipping. It is going to build up sand underneath the tires after they burry it up to axels and it is going to dig itself out. Unbelievable isn’t it.

The idea for this new cutting edge technology was a result of a previous bad experience.

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Being stuck in sand for more than four hours it is not something that you can easily forget.

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