Check Out How Lexus Uses Amazing R/C Drift Stunts To Sell You A Full-Size Lexus RC

Lexus RC drift Drift44

Check Out How Lexus Uses Amazing R/C Drift Stunts To Sell You A Full-Size Lexus RC

Just hearing the word Lexus tells you what kind of car you think you’ll get. It’ll be reliable and luxurious, but also sedate and, well, boring. But after this you won’t think that again. Lexus opted to air a second ad during the 2015 Super Bowl, this time featuring its 2015 RC350 coupe. There is much drifting, both with a remote-controlled RC (yes, an RC, which is kind of the whole joke) and the full-sized, 306-horsepower coupe. It’s a fairly creative spot and entertaining spot, so give it a look.

The person behind the controls is RC car drift king DRIFT 44, who just last week was creating these videos for Lexus USA’s social media channels — here’s the inspiration behind the ad, and it’s an absolute must-watch: It’s another case of “anything you can do I can do better” with Lexus showing Honda how to use toys to more effectively sell a car. We of course loved Honda’s use of our favourite ’80s toys to hawk a Civic, but using a one-tenth-scale remote control version of a Lexus RC F to sell the real thing is inspired.

And we’re just going to assume that the real version is just as easy to drift-park in tight spots as the smaller RC model is.

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Built on the all-wheel-drive APEX chassis, the Lexus RC F performance coupe replica comes fully assembled and Ready-to-Run with factory-installed Reedy brushless power.

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