Check Out These Two Diesel Titans Facing Each Other In A Drag Race – Duramax vs Cummins!

Duramax vs Cummins

Check Out These Two Diesel Titans Facing Each Other In A Drag Race – Duramax vs Cummins!

Drag race between two colossal vehicles, two trucks, can never leave anybody indifferent. On the contrary it is always fascinating to watch an out of the ordinary drag race happening in front of your eyes. The main stars in today’s video is are two trucks. One is Chevy Duramax. It is priced around $33.000 and has 6.6 L Turbo Diesel V9 engine. He is a real piece of work. The other is Ram. He has a Cummins engine and 6.7 L Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 engine and the 865 pound-feet of torque. He is priced at around $31.000. These two diesel titans go head to head. In one lane we have a Duramax powered Chevrolet Silverado and in the other, a Cummins powered Dodge Ram. These aren’t just any everyday diesels, though. Both of these trucks are super fast. They are super wild and perform an awesome race. Diesel machines are powerful and full of horse and torque power, so it would be totally unfair to underrate them, compared with the petrol and methanol engine.

In the beginning of the race the trucks take on each other on the drag strip, setting an excellent time of just a little something over ten and a half seconds. But in a very short time the we witness how the the Chevy passes the Ram and leaves the truck in the dust.

Although nobody expected this since the Ram is new in a comparison to the history that Chevy has we were not disappointed at all.

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After all in these kind of races we should always leave the the best on to win. In this situation that is exactly what happened.

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