Check Out This 730 HP Fire Breathing Chevy Corvette ZR-1 That Will Blow You Away!

Chevy Corvette street racing

Check Out This 730 HP Fire Breathing Chevy Corvette ZR-1 That Will Blow You Away!

Can you imagine owning a ZR-1 Chevy Corvette when you were just 16 years old! But not just any kind of Corvette, but this one that has an engine that delivers awesome 730 HP! The streets of Mexico now had experienced a huge race among all kinds of Monster vehicles! This powerful Corvette ZR-1 went on a highway race to deal with some really fast cars like the Nitrous Z06, supercharged Grand Sport, Supercharged Camaro, Nitrous G8, GTO, Viper Gen V and Turbo Beetle.

That is a night to remember – to join a guy driving a 730 horsepower ZR-1 Corvette and go for round of street racing. This night we lined up a couple of times on the highway to race some really quick cars. As you know there is always going to be only one winner. One of the cars was a 700 hp GS C6 LS3 – the engines of those models don’t last long if boosted. We know this from bad experience – we’ve been through 3 and that was it. No more LS3’s engines for us.

In this case it’s not about the age of the driver – we don’t talk about insurance and staff like this. It’s all about how you push the gas pedal. It doesn’t matter if you are 16 or you are 36. This guy is a far more proficient driver at this age than over half of the drivers on the highway in rush hours. We could only say that this little guy is lucky enough to learn everything inside a ZR-1 Chevy Corvette.

If you watch the videos from this guy you might had already watched him how he crashed the car in another video. He just spun out into a wall. That’s part of the experience by the way. We hope that his dad’s account could afford this crash and forget about it immediately.

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