Check Out This Incredible Barn Find!

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Check Out This Incredible Barn Find!

“Barn Find” is a term that all car guys have dreams about. Some of them have actually been lucky enough to pull a long lost muscle car from out of a barn but unfortunately few get to experience this excitement. In reality most lost survivors are rarely found in a barn; more than likely they will be found outside behind a garage or in a pasture with a cluster of other forsaken vehicles. Finding a neglected but no less desirable car that has been unused for decades can be a thrill similar to when you were a pimple faced teenager and the girl you have been lusting over for weeks finally said yes to a drive-in movie date.

Such finds are growing in popularity and it often seems another could not possibly be found. Let me assure you this is not the case. This guy have been lucky enough to find several Barn Finds in one day; in fact he found his best one yet just a couple of weeks ago. The following story is a good, actually we can say it’s terrific. Can you imagine the excitement of finding Mercury Cyclone, Charger Daytona, Plymouth Superbird, Ford Talladega and more cars sitting in a barn in the middle of no where?

In one barn in Illinois few amazing vehicles were found. You will have the chance to see a 500 Dodge Charger, Ford Talladega, Charger Daytona, Mercury Cyclone, Plymouth Superbird, all covered in dust waiting for someone to rescue them.

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Also, in this amazing garage you can see a Dodge Challenger RT/SE non drivable and completely alone. The 1971 Mercury two door coupe is also alone.

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