Check Out This Mean River Monster – 1,200 HP Blown Injected Biesemeyer Jet Boat

river monster jet boat

Check Out This Mean River Monster – 1,200 HP Blown Injected Biesemeyer Jet Boat

We are sure that most of you don’t have a limit about their desire and interest when it comes to a big and powerful engine on your favorite four wheel vehicle! And the main focus about learning new things and expanding your knowledge are the domestic muscle car beauties and maybe some of the European and Japanese products too. We believe that looking and admiring to something different will give us the needed dose of diversity, that all of us need from time to time. It’s always welcome, for example, an extraordinary jet plane engine, or some powerful diesel boat engine.

Therefore, today’s video that you are going to see, we believe is something that is going to interest many of you. What you are about to see is one powerful, 1 200 horsepower’s alcohol injected blown engine, which is a creation of the legendary company called Biesemeyer. The company started building and producing boats and boat engines in 1958. In the next years, their products had become “a must have”, in the powerful race classes, like the “SS”, “SK” and “K”.

Today is known that the Biesemeyer powered boats are built in Phoenix, AZ by the Steel Marine Company, but there are not much information’s that can be found about them. Nonetheless, these boat engines are pretty known, and very much valued, by all the people who are in such a business.

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Take a look at the video with the 1,200 horsepower’s alcohol blown Biesemeyer boat engine and feel free to share your impressions about it in the comments below. Making a boat like this is related to spending a lot of money to make a regular boat looking like this. This is a real bad as$ boat and his wife let him spend the money to make it awesome.

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