Check Out This Russian Tank Squeezed Into A Tractor!

Volvo BM 470 Bison 38,8-liters V12 tractor

Check Out This Russian Tank Squeezed Into A Tractor!

Team Wallberg put together this brute of a tractor for tractor pulling. The original BM-Volvo 470 was sold as a Bison between 1959-1966. In the video, the exact year of the tractor is not known. These tractors did not seem ever to come with a V12, which this one sports. Volvo does produce V12 engines they are seen in their 360 M70 V12 with twin turbochargers. Volvo enters the picture as part of the original engine for these tractors, but the diesel engine was a four cylinder and not a V12.

It’s a tractor fitted with a 1000 horsepower V12 38.8-liter engine taken from a tank. That’s exactly what this thing is, a tank, and it is designed to tear up the dirt in any contest thrown its way. But this is not the only reason why this tractor is designed. The original beast was designed to convert wilderness into farmland. Its original design included the option so that farmers could couple tractors together, like engines on a train, to gain more power to handle bigger jobs. With 1000 HP tractor you could rip stumps out of the earth. In some places, they use a CAT to put temporary bridges in place, but that kind of power is different. It works forwards and backwards and without special adaptations a tractor is best used to pull things.

Just listen to this monster as it purrs when is just sitting still. As the driver presses the accelerator pedal just a bit the Volvo beast immediately starts to wheelie.

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What I love about projects such as this is the thought and effort that go into creating these wild machines.

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