Check Out This Way Of Using Old Tires To Minimize Labor When You Cut Wood!

Splitting wood with a tire

Check Out This Way Of Using Old Tires To Minimize Labour When You Cut Wood!

Henry Ford once said that ‘Chop your own wood – it will warm you twice’. Ironic then that the inventor of mass produced cars should have inadvertently also supplied us with an aid to log splitting. Being on the lookout for tips and tricks that will make any part of the process of gathering, cutting, splitting, stacking, and moving firewood easier, faster and more efficient. People have spent hours reading and learning from various web sites ( was the best, of course!). Whether young or old, male or female, slight or large build, efficiency is what you strive for.

Log splitters are great and this method of splitting wood isn’t intended to replace a splitter. However if you don’t have one, or you’re in a survival situation, or the power is out, this log splitting method is going to save you a load of time, and your back. What is it that you do: first you put an old tire on a chopping block. Then you put logs into the tire ready to be cut, you don’t need to wedge them in tightly so putting the logs in is quick and once it’s set up you split away until a whole group of logs is split and in one stoop you can move them away into a neat stack.

The beauty of this technique is that old tires don’t blunt your axe and are cheap and easy to acquire.

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One thing should be mentioned about using tires. Tires collect water and mosquitoes love to lay their eggs in stagnant water.

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