Check Out What This Dad Did With His Ford Mustang – One Of The Coolest Dads In The World

Lightning McQueen Ford Mustang

Check Out What This Dad Did With His Ford Mustang – One Of The Coolest Dads In The World

We could briefly say that this father is on of the coolest dads in the whole world. In this article we are going to see how he actually transformed his Ford Mustang into Lightning McQueen from “Cars” movie. Brett Winek is the owner of this awesome Mustang. He is from Memphis, Tennessee and bought this ride a couple of months ago – a candy apple red Ford Mustang. Right after he bought the car, he found out that it looks pretty much the same as a character from a movie his 3-year-old son was obsessed with. He took the decision to transform his new ride into a real life version of Lightning McQueen from the movie.

He didn’t do it alone – Tennessee Tint Company was the company that helped him. The guys there created a real life version of Brett’s son’s favorite characters to life. And they did it in one of the coolest ways possible. Everything looks great here. The guys paid a lot of attention and the in the end the wrap was really well done. The best part here is the eyeball sunshade. That might be the perfect final touch for this project. It made the ride look complete. We guess that now his 3-year-old son is the happiest boy in the world. And all this for about $1,200. That’s the price that the single dad paid to turn his Mustang into Lighting McQueen.

Brett’s 3-year-old son likes McQueen and Mater, but Lighting McQueen is his favourite character.

2016 Shelby F150

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Before Brett took the decision to transform his Mustang, he bought his son both of the characters in toy cars and mimics. Just in case!

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