Checkout This 1:5,5 F-16 Cobra Giant RC Scale Model Jet Flight Demo

f16 cobra RC model jet

Checkout This F-16 Cobra Giant RC Scale Model Jet Flight Demo

Today we are going to see the latest F-16 Cobra RC scale model jet. The demo flight was controlled by the pilot Christian Gschwenter (Display Pilot IQ-Hammer) at the United-RC-Flights meeting in Bayreuth Germany. The avio show took place a few months ago. It’s always nice when people have a passion for their hobby. This is a 1:5,5 scale model and so far this is the best skin ever on a F-16. This is a good example for all the guys living in the world of Radio Controlled that simply follows the rule that bigger is always better!

This amazing 1:5 scale model of the incredible fighting legend nicknamed Viper takes the RC jet world to a whole new level. The RC beast weighs about 18kg and it is powered by an IQ Hammer Turbine. It simply throws down around 30lb of thrust. With this performance number you could calculate that the weight ratio is around 1.4:1. This is about 50% better than the real plane. The original jet YF-16 test pilots called it Viper as it didn’t have a name at this time. So for all these people who thinking that Viper is not the right name makes the nickname even more authentic.

Checkout this amazing gigantic F-16 Viper scale model.

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We don’t know when is the next RC show but we would like to see this flying beast in action.

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