Chevy Impala Could Be A Reason For Family Reunion!

1965 Chevy Impala SS

Chevy Impala Could Be A Reason For Family Reunion!

Herb Younger bought a 1965 Chevy Impala SS, Goldwood yellow, 396 cubic-inch engine, chrome rims. Herb was in college, but couldn’t say no. He financed the car and worked to make payments. Then he met Linda. They fell in love. They dated in Herb’s Impala SS. It took them everywhere, even the chapel to marry… and honeymoon to follow. Then came two children, Jared and Derek. Ball games. Drive-ins. Trips to the zoo. They did it all in the Impala SS. But in 1985, 20 years later, things got a bit rough. Money was tight. Although it pains us to say it, sometimes there are things more important in life than cars. Herb Younger is clearly a man familiar with this concept. The expense of college for two sons.Herb needed cash. It had to be done. The Impala had to go.

Fifteen years passed. The boys were married and out on their own. But they never forgot. They devised a cool plot. The Younger brothers’ search began about five years ago. They had no way of knowing whether dad’s Impala was scrap in a junkyard or passing the years comfortably in someone else’s garage. When they entered the vehicle identification number in an online search, it returned the address of an owner. Despite two letters, they did not hear back.A multi-state pursuit ensued.

The car popped up in Arizona, Pennsylvania and New York. Then the Youngers heard from an owner in Maine, who said the car had recently been transported to Canada.

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They called the dealer, confirmed the VIN and bought it over the phone. The car was in great shape when it arrived on a truck.

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