Chris Brown Took A Delivery Of One Of The First Rezvani Beast Supercars

Rezvani BeastChris Brown Took A Delivery Of One Of The First Rezvani Beast Supercars

The Rezvani Beast was introduced by the Rezvani car company last year in May. And a year later the supercar is for sale and Rezvani are taking production orders for it. At their production place in California, the Rezvani Motors car company is hand building each one of the Rezvani Beast cars.

It takes approximately 12 weeks for the whole building process of one of the Beast cars. After that period the car will be ready for delivery. The body of the Rezvani Beast is made entirely by carbon fiber. And this supercar goes from 0 to 60 MPH in 2.7 seconds. The time is clocked because of the engine. Under the hood of the Rezvani Beast is the unique powerful heart.

With a K24 DOHC 2.4-liter Rotrex™ supercharged and intercooled engine delivering 500 horsepower when reaching 7350 RPM. The powerful engine is capable of producing 374 ft.lbs torque when reaching 5950 RPM. The car possesses 6-speed close ratio manual transmission working with limited slip differential. And for the more enthusiastic drivers, there is one more option available – there is an optional sequential manual gearbox with paddle shift, which will grant you a perfect driving experience. Unfortunately the car is sold with only 1 year warranty, but with unlimited mileage.

The production and delivering of this supercar started at the end of May. And only one month later one of the first products has made its way to its new owner – the famous rapper Chris Brown. He is now one very proud owner of the Rezvani Beast supercar. The car performance and design is so great that it was running for the title of America’s best sports car. In the video bellow you will see the delivering of the first Rezvani Beast to Chris Brown. The standard priced version of $165,000 is nothing for him, as he reportedly, based on many sources of information paid $200,000 for his, increasing the price up by $35,000.

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